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Yellowstone NP to Salt Lake City

So after a huge day yesterday we still didnt get to see everything (that would take well forever) we headed back into the park nice and early (along with about 100 other cars – no joke).

We saw a few more geyser basins but our main destination today was “Old Faithful” the centre of attention of the park and probably its best known feature. A geyser that approx every 53 – 92 mins spurts water into the air as high as 110ft.

We arrived not really knowing if we had just missed, we just going to miss or would see Old Faithful, afterall the predictions are done by the rangers each day based on what has happened before so there is no guarentee. So it appeared that we hadnt just missed Old Faithful and would in fact get to see him blow his stack.

After about an hour of waiting we joined the thousands of people, the rim of Old Faithful would be approx the size of a baseball diamond and the walk paths around it would set about 30m up to 50m from the rim and the viewing circle to walk around was approx 1km , so there is plenty of room for viewing and when he is ready there is not much space left.

So after a few false alarms – just testing we werent sleeping – he finally blew and it was pretty impressive.

After Old Faithful nothing really compares and we had pretty much seen what we had time to see again to many to detail but there are some cool pics we will add, we headed back to the interstate and back to salt lake city for the night.


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