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Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks

Today was much more exciting even though it involved about 10 hrs of driving. We headed from Salt Lake City north to explore the Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks, again in search of Yogi bear or even a relative would be fine at this point in time.

Teton was very pretty, lots of very large lakes and nive pine forests, some that were burned out in about 1983 in a huge wildfire and you can see the new growth really taking hold which is kinda neat.

From Teton you can keep driving north through the park straight into Yellowstone NP.

Yellowstone is a really weird NP. One moment you are driving through really green lush pine forest, then theres a mountain thats had a land slide and looks like it should be at a volcano not an NP, and then there are these thermal/geyser areas, that look like mars or something with the white land and the steam rising up – it really is very strange, oh and the lovely sulfur smell is just beautiful 🙂

We saw some game – Bison or Buffalo (with its very own bison jam – think traffic jam just with a buffalo somewhere on or beside the road causing it and about 20 cars stopping to snap and film); some mule deer; elk including the daddy of all daddy Bull Elks complete with his velvet antlers that were HUGE; chipmunks and squirrels; lots of ducks and eagles and yeas still NO bear 🙁

There are way too many geysers and thermals to even try to remember or bore you with but once we can upload pics there are some kinda cool ones we will put up, the colours are wicked – some are like sapphire and others are like chalky yucky sulfur dirty ones; some just bubble others spue out and/or up and others are like little volcano’s with water and sometimes even mud. Like i said a very very strange place, and just to make sure you are feeling really weird evertime you come to a new area/basin as they call them they remind you on the info board just how unpredictable geysers can be and how really they dont know that much about them and how you are basically standing on earth that could erupt at anytime – hmm very comforting.

So our home tonight was in West Yellowstone, just outside the West entrance at the Madison Hotel/Hostel which is on the national registry i guess a little like our national trust homes – pretty cool, had all these big antlers and heads, which after you get over the creepy side are kinda cool, but still couldnt bring myself to snap them knowing that they had been hunted 🙁


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