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Las Vegas

It seemed to take forever but finally there in the distance we saw it and we saw our beloved Pyramid .. hmm now we just have to navigate our way there without a street map, just as well everything is big 🙂 kinda like a life size map really. So after only 2 or 3 blockies we found our way into the check-in parking lot and wandered in to check-in.

I think we made it about 5m before a greeter came over and very nicely asked if we needed help and how long were we staying and would we be interested in some freebies … um let me think – YES !

So the catch with these ones (some dinner and tickets) was that we had to listen to timeshare presentation for a new casino currently being built at the “soon to be new south end”. what the hell we figured why not. So we booked our presentation, checked-in and So we arrived Vegas without to many dramas – trying to find hotel and the right entry road was a little tricky but we did it – still all with our little tear off paper map 🙂

Hotel is the Luxor (the Pharaoh and Pyramid), our room is in the pyramid and is pretty cool has sloping windows and all. The hotel / casino is huge and is probably not that big compared to say MGM and Cesaers.

Wednesday (26th) we spent pretty much exploring this hotel and the connecting 2 others – Mandalay bay and excalibur. mandalay is really nice (has the shark aquarium) and excalibur wasnt that great unless you like medievil then it would be totally cool. We took a quick walk to Statue of Liberty and Empire State building, it was late and Paris looked a alittle to far to walk to so we walked back home through the eqyptian statues.

Thursday (27th) we spent the morning at a brand new casino being built on south end of strip – is part of 17 miles of new casino’s where for a mere $31 M (USD)/acre you can build your own casino. land value is good – inflation is 35% every 3mths !!!

After lunch we headed out to hoover Dam and Lake Mead another scorcher 110+, they are in middle of heat wave has been 110 – 118 for past 3 weeks (thank g_d its dry heat) Dam is pretty cool though water levels are extremely low as they are experiencing drought here in nevada.

On the way back we took the must do drive up the “Strip” saw all the little chapels and hotels shopping centres – basically money money money oh and lots of neon lights ready to sparkle and shine at night.

Driving is much better now, am getting used to wrong side of road and also the winding roads have been replaced with 4-6 lane 70 m/p/h freeways.

Tonight we sampled the buffet and almost made ourselves ill 🙂 . We then headed to upstairs to the IMAX theatre that we had tickets for – “Mystery of the Nile” of course! We then headed next door to “Shark reef” at mandalay bay .. very cool got to touch some jello like rays and also a sandpaper port jackson baby shark.

Friday (28th) was Strip day ! The whole day up and down the strip by day and by night. It was stinking hot – about 115 (around 40+). We started at South End (our end) and kept walking till we reached the north end Tresure Island – which is not all the way the stratesphere would probably be most north besides all the little dingy places and chapels, but TI was far enough in the heat. As we walked past each casino and saw the outside we had to walk through the inside of them just to get 5 mins repreive from the heat and the energy to keep walking. We saw the lions at MGM grand, the Bellegio fountains, the white tiger at Mirage, sharks of course at Mandalay bay, the gondola’s at Venetian, the eiffel tower and arc de triomphe at Paris, the statue of liberty and empire state building at New York New York, the beautiful statues and fountains at Cesears Palace, and Monte Carlo, Pirate Ship at TI and of course the pyramid and pharaohs at Luxor.

Its a pretty cool place by day lots of vibe and each hotel has waterfalls or music or something going on as walk by so its never quite but they blend together really well. And by night its totally different all the neon lights look excellent.

Our Favs were probably the sharks and lions in the animal category, in the style it has to be the Bellegio, Venetian and Paris tie for creativity – inside its like being outside really spectactular but the fountains at Bellegio really lived up to the hype both by day and night, though because of the high winds tonight there was only water spouts not fireworks and stuff so for us the day program won (and because we got Star Spangled Banner, which was kinda neat)

After having walked the strip all day, we headed back to the hotel for a well needed shower and off to one of the finer restaurants (courtesy of our freebies) for dinner – which was yummy and then back out on the pavement. By the time we got home we had walked a huge 25km – our highest so far beating our last of 16km.


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  1. Say hi to Grisham for me!!!!!Oh, and while your there can you buy me some of that land, 1 block would do. I’d love to own a casino….I’ll give you the money when you get back

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