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Mariposa to Three Rivers via Kings Canyon and Sequioa

We are at the mariposa public library – town is a little bigger than we had imagined with an hours free usage – pretty cool.

We are heading south to Kings Canyon and Sequoia today and staying at Three Rivers then its off the Las Vegas – yippee!

Looks like another scorcher today.

Kings canyon and Sequioa were really cool (but not temp wise another 110+ day). the trees in these two parks are huge, i actually cant describe how big they are. their trunks are bigger than cars and they so high you have to crane your neck back so far to see the tops and there is not just one or two of them there is a whole forest of them.

We also came across another gem of a drive – 16 miles of discovery was how the information board described it, we describe as descending down a hill snaking back on top of yourself – yep another very winding road but this one took the cake, some serious hairpin bends here. But at least this time i was feeling alot better about driving and just very pleased we were driving one of the hundreds of RV (recreational vehicles, which are 4wds they are literally a home in a bus, some as big as coach and most towing a car, usually a nice chrysler jeep (nothing much) and sometimes a covered trailer almost as long as the RV !!!) yeah we were pretty pleased not to be in one of them today – although the creature comforts would certainly be welcome.

So after driving the 16 miles of discovery it was back out on the interstate onto our home for the night at Three Rivers with big day ahead of us tomorrow, the drive to Vegas.


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  1. Having fun driving on the RHS??. Know how you feel. Remeber to think through your exit from service stations!!!.

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