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Macca's for tea – simple right ?

So after leaving Yosemite and heading south who knows how far (no indicators) we decided that we better stop and eat where we could because we werent really sure how big the town we were staying in was.

So Macca’s appeared in the distance and was on the same side of the road – still an important factor and we thought it will be quick and easy.

All we wanted was a cheeseburger fries and drink, so i asked for 1 cheeseburger meal and 1 double cheeseburger meal. The guy says we dont do double cheese in a meal as such but you get two cheeseburgers. Okay sounds good i want 2 burgers easy.

Well, when the order came out we had 2 cheeseburgers, med fries (about the same size as home) and a med drink (about the size of a large) a double cheeseburger, large fries (bigger than home) and a large drink (this big ass thing). I managed to ‘return’ one drink (you fill them yourself) but figured the rest was just too difficult, so its safe to say that we are macca’d out and obviously cant even order macca’s.


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