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Driving in the US (and Yosemite)

Today we headed out “The tenderloin” (thats what the area we stayed in was called) of San Fran back to the airport to pick up our hire for our adventure around the canyons.

With no problems amazingly, we picked the car up – Honda Sonata who we have named “Sunny”, and headed out of the airport. Okay at this point i do need to point out that i am on the wrong side of the car, wrong side of the road about to exit onto a 4 lane road, having absolutely no ability to place the car in the middle of the road – how can switching sides suddenly make you feel like you have never driven anything in your life ??

So we managed to navigate our way out onto the airport road looking for 100 south oopps there it goes, so we go down the road a bit looking for somewhere to turn around, somewhere easy somewhere where its obvious what side of road i am actually meant to be on. So we turn around and get onto the 100 south and are pretty good, am starting to feel a little more comfortable with this wrong side stuff. The next exit/junction we are looking for was not very well signposted – i should probably also point out that we have no map book (i know lesson 1 – preparation, but seriously they are HIRE cars, locals dont hire cars tourists do why are there no map books ????) just little tear off things the hire car people give you to make it look like they provide a good service. So working off these maps that its hard to tell if there is one road or five, we missed the next turnoff and we are now on 5-7 lane freeways that there is no way i am getting off unless it looks like i can get back on. So about 15mins later we end up near a ball park so we jump off do the loop and go back to where we came from and find our exit – much better signposted this way. From here are pretty set with the exits and junctions ect and feeling pretty good. We stopped at a little fruit stand and got some peaches (5) nectrines (6) and apples (4) for $7 !!!

What seems like forever we finally see a Yosemite sign – now we are sure we are going the right way. We eventually make it to the park gate, and i mean eventually cause we have been climbing and winding our way up these roads for ever. I think it was at this point the brain was on overload. For anyone that knows me i am at normal times a reasonably intense driver, so now we are driving on wrong side up a hill with really winding roads – on the outside of the hill. So here i am trying to place the car on the road with these big ass cliffs and drop aways right next to us – the intensity was pretty high :-). So when we reached the gate we thought we were home and hosed – um no … more winding roads just this time going down hill. By the time we had reached the valley floor we have travelled about 30 mile of winding road and we were over it and it was late in the afternoon and we just wanted to see Yogi bear !!!!

Yosemite was very pretty and very busy and extremelly hot – it hit 100 plus today. the hwy we needed to get out of the park was closed due to a rockfall, and as such we had to go all the way south on another road then head north to get to our motel, so we didnt hang around as long as we would have liked to, cause neither of us were in the mood for endless winding roads in the dark.

We made it to the motel just on dark a little exhausted but all three of us still in tact !


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  1. So tell me did you see Yogi Bear??

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