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We have about 3.5 days in seattle and quite a bit to see. We had planned on visiting Mt Rainer and Mt St Helens however due to both the distance and the costs (between $200 – 300 for the day) – although we had said didnt want to get home and say we didnt do something because of the costs we still have to watch the penny’s we do still have 5 months ahead of us – we decided not to venture that far south.

We took a tour of the seattle mariners home baseball park – Safco Field. The stadium is rated as one of the most advanced (technologically and comfort wise) baseball stadiums – its pretty nice. The grass puts the MCG to shame.

We toured through the dressing rooms out onto the pitch – well on the dirt around the field, you so are NOT allowed on the grass – through the stands and up into the owners private suite – very comfy to watch a ball game from. We then wandered back through Pioneer Square (art/crafts/antiques) and up to the new mutli-million dollar public library. Oh my g_d you have to see this place to believe there is like one whole floor of pc’s – which are FREE – and we mean like 200- 300 computers. Unbelieveable. We then headed back to Pike place to pick up some lovely big juicy and cheap fruits – cherries are like $2.50/pound and some vege’s and meat for dinner. The peaches are just divine.

The following day we headed up the hill to the “alternative” side of town 🙂 and also to Volunteer Park where there is a big old water tower that has some pretty spec views of the city (for free). We then wandered next door to Lakeview cemetary to visit Bruce and Brandon Lee’s Graves – anniv. of Bruces death for those interested is 20th july (today as we write this). Aside from these two graves the cemetary was interesting – much more spacious then ours at home and quite old, alot of the seattle founders are alslo buried there and it didnt appear to be segregated into demoninations. We had a lazy afternoon watching sport on the tv as our little legs were a little weary from having walked 13.5km that morning.

Today (20th) we took the ferry across to Bremerton and then back again (aside from a navy dockyard we werent really sure what else there was to get off for). the views were great. the day was sunny (about 80 deg F) and not too much cloud or haze so we could see for ages. On the ferry we got a great view of Mt Rainer (which according to locals is only seen for about 1/3 of the year) and also Mt Baker (only about 50 times/year) – and yes we agree that we have probably seen Mt Baker from all angles now. The trip is really pretty, the little (or not so little) cottages on the islands are like the one’s people go to in the movies – you know kinda tudor style with the water lapping at the grass little old boat shed on water line with lots of trees around – they really do exist.

Tomorrow its an early start as we have to lug the packs back up the hill to make our way to the airport and San Francisco.


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