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Calgary to Seattle

Today we said good bye to the cowboys and hats and headed towards the sunshine and waters of Seattle USA. We headed to the airport nice and early to avoid any mass stampede exit – which there wasnt so we had to wait nearly an hour for the check in booth to open.

We checked in and then headed to the lounges via USA Customs !!!! Now remember people Calgary is in Canada or so we thought until we got to the airport. US Customs oh i am sorry Homeland Security have a rather nice not so little customs hall (yes not room a hall) where we “entered” america legally. How the hell this works when we were still on canadian soil i have absolutely no idea – very very strange.

So we are sitting in the lounges and i decided to grab a copy of the Calgary Herald which would have all the reults etc from stampede yesterday and after i had purchased the paper a very tall (real looking) cowboy walked past with this big thing in his arms. Upon closer inspection i realised it was the bull riding winner from the stampede and the thing he was carrying was the huge bronze trophy he won. Anyways long story short – he was on our flight and prior to boarding i got him to autograph his picture in the Calgary Herald – pretty cool.

The flight into Seattle was good. We caught the bus from the airport into town then lugged our packs down a nice slope about 3 blocks then down about 30 stairs to the hostel – all sounds good doesnt it … you know the saying what goes up must come down well in our case it was what goes down will eventually have to come back up to the airport again !!!

The hostel is awesome. Its like our own little 5 star hotel. We have our room, TV with cable, bathroom, microwave oven and fridge and waterviews. Gee i hate this life 🙂

After checking in we headed up town to check out the Space Needle (read centrepoint tower here) to once again view our new city from the air. The view was pretty it was a reasonably clear day and we could see the top of Mt Rainer.

After the needle we headed to the Pike Place Markets – fruit seafood meat vege market – and wandered around there for a while then headed back up to street level to the pub that sits atop the steps at the hostel – Pike Pub and Brewery – for dinner a few quiet locally brewed ales.


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