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July 15th – Banff to Calgary

Today we leave behind the beautiful Rockie Mountains that have been home to us for some days now and have been so kind to us in both weather and hospitality and head into the prairies cowboy boots and hats that are the Calgary Stampede.

Again we ventured to the highest point within the city – Calgary Tower – for a glimpse of the city. Funny place this tower, no informatio boards, so we had no idea what we were looking at – except of course Stampede which with all its colours and people couldnt hide even if it tried.

After the tower we wandered aroud the city through the streets and markets past the restaurants and of the course the hat stalls. Tempted though we were we did resist the urge to buy a cowboy hat knowing that we had to carry it for 6 months and not wanting to wreck it.

We had some loely Thai for dinner then headed back to our room, where our other room mates – an aussie ad two poms – were also tucking in for the night.


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