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July 14th – Banff

We started the day off with a hearty breakfast at “Cougar Pete’s” a kitchen/cafe located within the hostel and got our fangs into some good ole fashioned pancakes and canadian maple syrup -yummy.

We headed up to the banff gondola where we had decided to conquer Sulfur Mountain by foot and ride the gondola back down. Now i am not sure if we are true backpackers already or just plai stupid in fact we may be both, but this a 5.5km hike up hill! So after trudging (and i mean trudging) up the hill for nearly 2hrs we arrived at the summit, no small feat. The view was pretty good though not as good as Jasper as Banff is more tightly surrounded by mountains than Banff so the view is restricted.

After wandering around up top or a little while (catching our breath) we headed back down the mountain for some lunch and relaxation at the iternet cafe we sifted through the substatial number of photos we had taken in the past few days. We had a nice relaxing night at the hostel with a ‘home’ cooked meal.


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