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12th July – Maligne Canyon + Lake

Today we headed off with “Sun Dog Tours” to Maligne Canyon, Medicine lake and Maligne Lake.

Maligne Canyon is quite spectacular having been carved out by the river over thousands of years creating canyons and potholes etc.

Medicine Lake is a ‘magical’ lake, during the summer the lake is filled and during the winter the lake empties and becomes small braided streams sometimes not even that. It is believed that the limestone base helps in the “magic’ as does the flow (or lack thereof) of water from the snow melt. Again its a colour of blue that cant be described and is so clear in parts you can actually seen the canyons where the water ‘disappears’.

Maligne Lake is nestled in between a number of mountains, where we took a boat ride up the famous “spirit island” and from the lake you can see numerous glaciers. Our first real glimpse of glaciers (well maybe what also what we actually realised to be glaciers not heaps of snow on top of mountains !). they are pretty specatular things to see. We spent the night “partying” at the hostel – playing battleship and crosswords in the hostel common room with the others watching the )very late) sunset behind the mountains again – geez its pretty tough this backpacker life !


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