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11th July – Jasper

So after arriving in the early cool morning and arriving at the hostel we signed up for the day activity at the hostel – a hike around “valley of the five lakes”. We had some to time to fill before the hike so headed up the road to the Jasper Tramway for an aerial view of the countryside (yes we like towers and gondola’s and tramways!!)

The view was amazing. There are about 7 or lakes that surround the township of Jasper and all are different colours. The colours originate from them being glacier fed. They really are very pretty.

After freezing our butts off on top of the mountain we headed back to the hostel to join some other ‘packers on the hike.

Cam – an aussie – took us out to the lakes and we hiked about 10kms round the five lakes which again were amazing – this whole area is amazing we never quite now where to look or what to take pics of as its all so fantastic.

After the hike we headed to Athabasca Falls – a huge waterfall that then becomes the Athabasca River that you can raft down, unfortunately we just dont have time for that 🙁

We were then taken to a local swimming hole – yes swimming – where the water is a mere 4 degrees, where the locals cliff jump, an initiation type event. There was no way in hell any of us on the hike were jumping (it was late arvo and starting to cloud over).

That night we cooked up a storm in the hostel kitchen and waited for the sun to go down over the mountains from the comfort of the sofa’s in the common room.


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