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9th July – Victoria and Whales

Today we are seeing whales – not just any sort of whales but killer whales or Orca’s to be correct.

We headed out from vancouver’s coal harbour to victoria aboard Prince of Wales “Ocean magic” a magnificent boat with only 6 others aboard (on a boat that can carry 70 he he great for us not for them).

After about 2hrs of motoring (this boat travels at 30 knots) we finally sighted the animals we had been longing to see. There are 3 pods that live around the Victoria area and we saw 2 of them and they were in a playful mood. Peeping and breaching and diving and coming up so close to the boat you felt that you could almost touch them.

They are so amazing it was hard to concentrate on taking pics or just watching them (hopefully i got them on vid cam). So after watching these beautiful creatures for about half an hour it was time to head to Victoria.

This harbour city is extremelly grand its like entering a five star harbour – yes we did feel like we almost didnt belong there, until you saw the typical tourist shop 🙂

We had a quick look around then headed out to the Butchart Gardens. 55 acres of gardens – the colours are spectacular and the Rose garden has to be seen to be believed – even Australia has a rose there.

We left Victoria aboard the bus headed for Swart Bay to cross the channel/harbour on the ferry to the mainland and how lucky were we ???? We saw whales again – this time it was free (well sort of you have to pay for the ferry) They are so beautiful. A late arrival into Vancouver and time to catch some zzz’s (gee we are the party animals arent we!)


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