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Today we arrived nice and early at vancouver airport (2.30am hawaii time, 5am vancouver time) and waited about 45 mins for customs to let us off the plane cause they were ready for us! It was about this point that i realised watching the movies – Lion King how could i not – was probably not a smart idea as i had now lost a nights sleep (tash managed an hour or two). We breezed through customs, jumped out buses to town and headed to the hostel where we left our bags until check-in later in the day and headed for some grub. hmm saturday morning (8am) vancouver, not alot open so where did we end up – you got it Starbucks !!! After refueling with a hot choc and muffin we headed to vancouver town (like centrepoint) to see the town from up above.

The tower is pretty cool, its all marked out so you know what you are looking at and has a little bit about major things/sights etc and you can use the ticket as many times as you like during the day – now thats value.

So having seen the city from above, we headed to info centre. WOW, this city knows how to look after visitors this place was huge and swarming with staff we counted about 20 and all were very helpful and friendly.

By this time we had decided on our plan of attack we headed back to the hostel to check in and grab a jersey just in case.

After checking into the very spiffy hostel we headed to the northside (on the day pass ticket that is valid on all public transport !!) to go up the mountain.

Grouse Mountain – absolutely specatular. the views were amazing, snow capped peaks, mountains and water all around trees everywhere, this is one pretty city.

After having just about burnt the camera out with pics we headed back down the mountain and out to Lynn Canyon to the suspension bridge and forest.

The more well known Capillano Bridge was on our agenda until some locals pointed us in the direction of Lynn Canyon (just as good and free). The bridge was pretty rickety but lead to a really nice little forest walk down to the river.

After Lynn canyon we headed back to Downtown and decided have dinner at a brewery/pub. The brewery makes a number of different beers each season and makes them on steam – quite interesting and after dinner we had decided to venture back up the Tower for a night viewing – hmmm how wrong were we.

We arrived back at the tower at about half 7 only to find the sun still shining bright and hanging high in the sky. Our stamina and patience was not up hanging around for the sun to go down so weary (and feeling like we had been drinking all day which we hadnt) we headed to an internet cafe to download pics from the day and then to the hostel to get some zzzz’s


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