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Pipeline or not?

So we decided to venture up the north shore to Pipeline and see what it all was like. The transport system is well not very visitor friendly but we did manage to figure it out. So we jumped the bus heading to Ala Moana shopping centre to transfer onto our pipeline bus. The buses are quite cool in that they talk to you and let you know what stop you are at, so we figured that this should be easy – we were WRONG.

After about an hour or so of travelling we passed Waimea Bay and then Sunset beach knowing that banzai Pipeline was a bit further up the track, we passed a few more beaches (all hawaii names) and then arrived at Turtle Cove – hmm too far. So we got off the bus had a look at Turtle Cove – all very pretty but not where we needed or wanted to be. So we waited for the bus going back down the coast and figured we would get off at pipeline this time (after confering with the map again).

Once again all should have been easy – wrong ! This bus didnt talk and the driver was wearing headphones !! So once again we whizzed past what we thought was Pipeline before we had a change to press the stop buzzer. So after all this we decided to cut our losses and just get off at Waimea bay and be content with the thought that we at least must have seen where pipeline would be had it been winter.


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