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July 4th – will it ever end ?

Calling passengers for AC 34 .. that was us 9.30am July 4th (Aust time) and it was time to board and start the adventure.

The flight was long – obviously its 10hrs – but it was made longer due to the fact that our headsets were not working the entire trip – which meant that i missed out on Shrek!!

Otherwise the food was good stewards were good – funny french accents and all 🙂

US customs – what a breeze .. no dramas at all .. lets see if its the same on the mainland .. but at least our fingerprints and ugly mugs are now on their database.

We arrived in Hawaii about 11.50pm 3rd July … jumped a shuttle to the hostel and checked in and about 3am (Hawaii time) we were attempting to go to sleep.

We got up on 4th July again to do the whole day all over … we walked Waikiki shops/strip trekked into Honolulu – which is nothing at all.

Waikiki with the blue sky and bluer water is pretty nice.

Gotta run .. there is free beer to be drunk at the hostel 😉 with sunset and fireworks to boot (any maybe just maybe when we wake up it wont still be the 4th July!)


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  1. HAve a wave for me!. Rasatin had stiches out to-day; all ok.

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