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Last Suppers

Like we said preparation … and bumming suppers is no exception.

For the last week we managed to feed ourselves on Monday night, then ate like kings at

Skyes, who has a small issue with size when it comes to loading up a plate but it was excellent !

Then on Wednesday it was big brothers turn and he decided that we needed a good feed of meat and cooked up a storm with some huge lamb shanks.

Then on Thursday we headed to Amy’s for a feed of “happy inn” chinese and we must say that it did live up to the hype Am – which is just as well 🙂

Friday night we landed onto Saus and Hoffy’s doorstep and had a snoop around their new place – which is totally awesome – excellent purchase ladies you have excelled. We sampled some “paul’s asian cuisine” which was also pretty tasty … i think “golden budda” is in trouble !

Saturday we headed off to Tash’s folks and then to my folks on sunday.


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