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She's done a Mr Bean !!!

Well its started already – those wonderful moments when you go looking for something and realise that its not there.

We were leaving Tash’s folks place this afternoon and Tash is looking for her mobile. Ring ring – no sound coming from the car, Ring ring no sound coming from the house. Then the questions started where have you been, what have you done ?

Suddenly she moves, heading outside with the rest of us wondering what the hell she is doing. Asking what she is doing she replies maybe it fell into the lunch bag yesterday in the car on the way to her folks … so I ring the phone again while Tash heads to the bin, which to our amusement is ringing with the sound of her phone. Out she pulls the Red Rooster lunch bag to reveal her phone.

If its not Mr Bean it definitely fits into an “Amy” story!


1 thought on “She's done a Mr Bean !!!

  1. Tash now has her own “Amy” story! That’s fantastic!! LOL

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