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Bye Bye Sadie – Hello World

Well its done. We are officially homeless with no fixed address.

Today we handed in the keys for our little unit that has been our home for 2 years. We have cleaned till we almost passed out on fumes, vacuumed and swept till we could no longer move our arms and packed about a 100 boxes, well maybe not quite that many last night but it sure felt like it and the storage shed sure looks it – Bretto/Di hope you guys don’t want any of your stuff before we get home cause its chockers in there and if you do – Good Luck, your gonna need it!

I think there was a stage about 11pm last night that we almost gave up or gave in I’m not sure which but there were boxes in the garage, cleaning to be done, and lots and lots of crap all over the flood that still had to be sorted and then packed.

Where does the crap from? All those paperclips and pens, keyrings and g_d knows what else that seem to appear from nowhere in their millions. I cant remember the last time we or even I for that matter purchased pens or paperclips or a keyring (and for those wondering they are not courtesy of the C of A) but there they were along with plenty of other stuff that at 11pm we were not in the mood for sorting through let alone packing. But, with a little patience and the hope of some sleep we pressed on and got it done albeit about 1am and a 7am start.

So now the little unit is bare, she’s been cleaned out, cleaned up and as of Wednesday even has new occupants to boot.

And us ? Well we packed up Noddy (my X-Trail) actually no we crammed jammed and overloaded Noddy and headed to Tash’s folks up the bay for the night.


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