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Work … Smirk !!

Well, today marked 1 week till departure and also the first day of no work !!! So for you all hardy tax paying workers out there keep up the good work 😉

I finished on Friday so have already a day to start enjoying this no work lifestyle, Tash on the other hand worked yesterday (Monday) so has just finished her first no work day – although the packing that had to be done may have made it seem like she was still at work – there is no rest for the wicked.

But of course the end of work was not with out a glitch which seems to be the way of this trip – and like some have commented maybe that means we will have plain sailing when we are away or this trip is well going to be well lets say interesting (and the travel insurance better be worth its weight in gold).

Tash’s motor bike battery decided to die – we only needed it to make 2 more trips west (1 to work and 1 to the storage shed) but no it was not meant to be. So a trip to the mechanic (just next door, well almost) and phone call later to the manufacturer, she was on her way. The bike – well hopefully it will last until Friday after that it doesn’t really matter as its not going to be ridden for 6 months and probably would have died whilst we were away anyway.

So after the carrot cake was eaten at CH2, the end of work and the beginning of the trip (well sort of) began.


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