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Harvey World – The Travel NON-Professionals

Travel Agents – I thought their job was to make taking a holiday easy. Well after our experience with Harvey World, we would never personally recommend them to anyone for anything.

I guess we should have seen it coming, but I never expected 15 days prior to departure I would be sitting in the travel agency trying to work out what flights have or have not been booked and if our entire itinerary had been completely screwed by one incompetent dumb arse. When I say we should have seen it coming, we are referring to the time delay in answering emails; time taken to obtain quotes on internal european flights namely over 4 weeks; taking a few weeks holiday and not referring our account onto anyone when flights were due to be booked, oh and there is always the “take a chill pill” comment made to me (emma) when I wanted to get our american flights booked so we could book our accommodation which was filling up rapidly – surprising that considering we are traveling in peak american summer season !

I should probably also explain what the catalyst (or maybe i should say final straw) was for this public berating of travel agents or at least one in particular … I had requested a complete copy of our itinerary to check prior to going in and collecting all the paperwork. Said dumb arse emailed info and i diligently set about checking it last night, only to discover that she had managed incompetently to either send an itinerary that would have been slightly correct in Jan ’06 or had completely stuffed it up. As you can imagine i was not a happy camper at this point in time.

So short end of the story is I ended up sitting in the travel agency this afternoon for nearly 2 hours going through our all flights and obtaining a current corrected print-out of tickets along with our E-Tickets and required vouchers, and now I will never set foot in that agency or chain again nor will I recommend them.


3 thoughts on “Harvey World – The Travel NON-Professionals

  1. Isn’t there just a way to book everything online just using travel sites like and etc…? Or even direct through quantas?We never use the travel agents they fuck up too much, I trust the internet a whole lot more… Although, last year we did get a good deal through Flight centre but thats only becasue they know Renee well cause she is always droping off and picking up stuff for them.Harvery = IDIOTS 🙂

  2. Oh believe me, we won’t be using them from now on … I am considerably wiser and much more informed now then i was 6 months ago when we started booking it all. If i knew then what i know now i would have done all but the RTW ticket myself. Call it Lesson No. 1 i guess.

  3. How many lesssons are in this series?Hey have you guys seen the website, Very cool it is a blog but you can do pictures and have friends and everything else I just got into it about a week ago and have already connected with a few old High School Buddies..Just in case you want to spend half your trip in internet cafes you shoudl check it out!

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