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Packing – Is this the beginning of fun ?

Well with only 19 days to go before we fly the fun has started – house packing. We have been trying to pack up slowly over the past few weeks however our motivation has been somewhat non-existent. We have managed to pack a few items its not like we haven’t started its just that we are still living here too, so trying to decide what to pack and what to keep is somewhat difficult.

We also have the problem that we need to be deciding what stuff we are taking in our packs, so basically the house is covered in piles of clothes – pack away, pack to use when we get home, keep to wear before we leave and then what to pack in our packs – not painting a pretty picture am I !

Having said all that we do have storage organised and we have managed to do a trial run of packing (or maybe it should be said cramming) our packs and thankfully managed to fit it all in so thats one less thing to worry about. Although looking at what we packed (and taking into account how long we gone) we are hopeful we dont get sick of the same clothes to quickly 🙂


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