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Our Europe Itinerary

12-Sep Flight
13 – 17 Sept London

18 – 19 Sept Brussels
20 – 21 Sept Amsterdam
22 – 24 Sept Berlin
25 – 26 Sept Warsaw
27 – 28 Sept Krakow
29-Sep Warsaw

30 Sept – 2 Oct Moscow
3-Oct Overnight train
4 – 7 Oct St Petersberg

8 – 9 Oct Bucharest
10 – 11 Oct Brasov
12-Oct Overnight Train
13-Oct Belgrade
14-Oct Overnight Train
15-Oct Sarajevo
16-Oct Overnight Train
17 – 18 Oct Budapest
19 – 20 Oct Bratislava
21 – 22 Oct Vienna
23-Oct Cesky Krumlov
24 – 26 Oct Prague
27-Oct Nuremberg
28-Oct Munich
29-Oct Lucerne
30 – 31 Oct Interlaken
1 – 2 Nov Nice
3 – 4 Nov Florence
5 – 8 Nov Rome
9-Nov Venice
10-Nov Overnight Train
11 – 12 Nov Barcelona
13 – 14 Nov Madrid
15 – 18 Nov Paris
19 – 22 Nov London
23-Nov Flight


1 thought on “Our Europe Itinerary

  1. Okay things to do in Krakow,Go to the town square also know as Rynek, have a drink at ViS a Vis cafe, then if you are hungry the best kabab shop is (kababs are so much better in europe) is directly accross from vis a vis on grodska street.. Go to the Big Church at the Rynek, There church as massive… every hour on the hour 24 hours a day 365 a trumpeter plays a song at the top of the tower at the church in all directions North, East …..It pretty cool its the warning alarm that the mongolians where coming to invade the city the song suddenly stops because legend says the trumpetor get shot in the thoat with an arrow..Any way BEST place without a doubt to eat dinner at is called Chopskie Jadlo It is ether on JANA street or Spakowska street.. seriously don’t miss is, it is traditional old word food, so good and try the bread with the bacon butter… MMMM mouth watering, look nasty TASTES GREAT..Don’t forget to have a beer, a zywiec with syrop (raspberry) MMMM mouth watering again… If you are there on the weekend, they do a polish sausage sizzle in the Rynek ever night… AGAIN, MMMM mouth watering… What else, there is a gay bar tucked a few streets back from the Rynek, I am sure if you look online you can find it….Also on weekends only beside the church there are street perfomrers there is a lady in White, that is Halarious I have spent a few hours watching here…. Also go and see the Zamek (Castle) it is pretty impressive, and I will quiz you about the legend of dragon that lives under the Castle :)IF you have time go to the Salt mine, do the tour, its unreal! And of course, you are about 45 minutes drive from Oshwitz/oshfenciem, concentration camps of WWII again a must see if you are visiting Krakow..Don’t know where you are staying but if you are staying out of town and want to go into town at night take a tram, Taxis Charge DOUBLE rates at night! RIP OFF ARTIST… also keep an eye out for beggers and little gypsy kids playing the accordian or gitar or some instument, you give them a few buck and then they won’t leave you alone…Other then that Enjoy,, FYI being openly gay in POLAND is proably not advised! It is a strong, catholic country so kissing, holding hands, prabably not to smart… I’d say that goes for most eastern Europena contries…Okay any nore questions feel free to email ,

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